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Vixa Game Download

Vixa is a super cool and super tough rhythm action arcade game in which you rotate the level to ensure your orbs stay clear of the red sections, while accompanied by vibrant pulsing visuals and awesome beats.

Vixa is easy to pick up and play, but very hard to master. You start with a couple of orbs and must rotate the level to roll them around and keep them clear of the sections that turn red. Yellow areas are safe and green areas are likely to turn red soon, but if you land your orbs in the green sections then then your orbs will double. As you progress things get tougher and the pulsing visuals get even better, with zoom effects and graphic equalisers kicking in, but you’ll need some serious skill to get that far – good techniques are memorising patterns and spreading your orbs across multiple zones.

It’s an intense and super tough little game that captivates players with its strobing visuals synchronised to to it’s catchy electronic beats. Slick and stylish rhythm action rolling – be sure to turn up the volume!

Controls – Arrow Keys/Mouse – Rotate Map

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Vixa Here

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