Voodoo Lockdown – Browser Game

Voodoo Lockdown is a very cleverly crafted puzzle platforming adventure in which you use letters on the keyboard to create and destroy structures in the game world.

This latest iteration of Voodoo Lockdown is a greatly expanded version of a jam version originally created for Ludum Dare 39. You control your character using the arrow keys and spacebar much like any platformer, but the real genius lies in how the game uses the rest of the keyboard.

As you make your way through the game you’ll come across outlines of boxes you can then press a key on the keyboard and spawn the corresponding letter into the game world, creating a structure you can use to overcome obstacles. There are lots of clever variations of this theme as you make your way through the game world that can require you spawning multiple letters or even destroying letters, but it still revolves around figuring out the correct letters to use to aid your progress.

It’s a tricky little game with a fantastic premise and lots of inventive puzzle design. A masterstroke of keyboard-stroke puzzle platforming we highly recommend checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, A to Z – Create Structures

Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser

Gameplay Video:: Here

Tips: You don’t need to find all six hidden areas to get the full ending, just enough to figure out the puzzle at the end. Also once you reach the teleport room you can then use the number keys to teleport at any time (not just when you’re in the room)

Download or Play Voodoo Lockdown Here

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