VOYAGER – Downloadable Game

VOYAGER is a wonderfully chilled out little cosmic puzzle game where you pilot your way around solar systems and discover hidden planets.

In each level of VOYAGER your goal is fairly simple – explore and land on each of the planets that are hidden in the darkness. The game is mouse controlled, with you aiming in the direction you want to move in and thrusting, but you also have to account for the effects of the star’s gravitational pull. It can be a little tricky to land on the planets, but thankfully there’s no time limit or fail state, so you can float around for as long as you like, whilst also leaving a pretty trail behind you.

It’s a simple, addictive and very relaxing little game with stylish visuals and a great soundtrack. A tranquil space odyssey well worth embarking on.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download VOYAGER Here

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