VoYD – Downloadable Game


VoYD is a fast paced, stylish hack and slash combat game that see’s you battling waves of enemies across beautiful minimalist randomly generated levels.

Gameplay is simple, just avoid touching the corrupted tiles and clear all the enemies from each level to continue (The compass points out the nearest enemy).  Avoid being hit and kill enemies swiftly to gain maximum points.

Gameplay in VoYD is tough, with most of your movement and attacking controlled with the mouse (only the spacebar is used on the keyboard).  Your little character is pretty nimble though, able to slice and dice his way through waves of deadly enemies, but you’ll have to time your strikes well, especially as the game starts to ramp up the difficulty!

Controls:  RMB – Move, LMB – Attack,  Mouse Wheel Click – Heavy Attack, Spacebar – Dash/Evade,  Escape – Pause

Available On: windows

Download VoYD Here

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