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Wails For Freedom is a creepy Outlast inspired low poly first person horror game that sees you controlling a wheelchair-bound protagonist who is attempting to escape from a haunted asylum.

In Wails For Freedom you wake up in a freaky abandoned asylum to find that your legs are gone. You have found a wheelchair and handy camcorder with a night vision mode, so maybe you can use them to help you escape.

Wails For Freedom plays much like a traditional jump scare horror game, with you searching for useful objects to help you escape whilst avoiding the freaky ghost that haunts the asylum. However, being stuck in a wheelchair makes for a much scarier experience. Running away from a monster in a wheelchair can be pretty tough – particularly when trying to squeeze between tight spaces or doorways. Worse still, if you turn your head to look behind you then you’ll just see the back of your wheelchair, so you never know what’s directly behind you!

If you’re not into jump scare horror games then Wails For Freedom probably won’t sway you, but being stuck in a wheelchair does make for a unique horror experience. The lack of mobility, the fact that you can’t see behind you and the constant threat of hanging up on an obstacle mean you’re always on edge and terrified of what’s around the next corner.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Camera Flash, F – Night Vision, Z – Upright Wheelchair, E – Interact

Available On: Windows

Download Wails For Freedom Here

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