Wake Up Shaple – Browser Game

wake up shaple

Wake Up Shaple is a fun and very tricky block sliding puzzler in which you control a self-aware block called Shaple, who must awaken all the other blocks on the grid.

On each stage of Wake Up Shaple you start off with only one movable block, and must collect glowing power-ups to awaken the other shapes. Once they are awakened, you can slide them around and collect more power-ups, with an aim of awakening all the shapes on the level. Complete each level and you’re treated to a short Thomas Was Alone-esque story that revolves around the shapes becoming self aware.

It’s a short, easily accessible and tricky little puzzler with some deviously designed puzzles that will test your problem solving skills to the limits. A super little slider.

Controls: Point, Click & Drag

Available On: All Browsers

Play Wake Up Shaple Here

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