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Walk the Dog is a charming and simple little experience where you hang out in your back garden and play fetch with your dog.

In Walk the Dog you don’t actually “walk the dog”, but you do play with it in your back garden. It’s a spacious and very detailed area with a tyre swing, a gazebo, a patchy lawn, some trees, a tractor and a few other odds and ends. There are a few items you can interact with by throwing balls at, but there are no objectives in Walk the Dog – you just relax and enjoy spending time with your dog.

Sure, it may not be the tidiest back yard, but there’s a real holmly feeling to it and it feels like the perfect place to chill out and play with your dog. It’s a very pleasant little experience that feels perfect for these trying times.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Throw, Mouse Wheel – Select Ball, Spacebar – Call Dog

Available On: Windows

Download Walk the Dog Here

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