Wanderers.io – Browser Game

Wanderers.io is a very addictive massively multiplayer browser based god sim in which you harvest materials, battle other players, upgrade your followers as you attempt to become the most powerful god in the land.

In Wanderers.io you control a little god who is worshipped by just a handful of followers. It’s up to you to guide these followers to make them hunt, gather resources, upgrade their equipment and battle rival tribes to become the most powerful in the land. You guide your tribe by dragging and dropping your avatar. They will automatically attack or gather resources if anything of interest is nearby, but for some resources you need to unlock the correct equipment first (such as a hammer for gathering stone). You can research lots of new equipment, such as shields and new weaponry, but you can’t unlock everything before you reach your level cap so you have to decide what type of build you’re going for in your tribe.

Once you get a decent sized tribe and kit them out with some decent equipment you’ll want to go attacking other tribes. This can be dangerous, but if you find another friendly tribe to tag along with you can really do some damage to the enemy! There’s even a large ogre that appears in the middle island now and again if you’re feeling particularly brave.

It’s a fun game with charming pixel art visuals, easily accessible gameplay and a lot more strategy than a typical .io game. Well worth checking out for some tribal multiplayer fun.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Wanderers.io Here

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