Wanderment – Downloadable Game


Wanderment is a beautiful particle based 3D platformer in which you play a blind kitten sensing it’s surroundings by splashing and walking as it travels across town to meet it’s friend.

The particle based visual style of Wanderment certainly has the wow factor as your movement paints the world around you with tiny dots, allowing objects and structures to stand out from the deep green background.  Wanderment really is a beautiful place to explore as you jump, play and take in your green speckled environment.  It doesn’t just impress visually either, the audio is also superb, with lots of sounds of the hustle and bustle of the town you’re traversing drawing you into the game world.

With it’s unique gameplay, relaxed atmosphere and fantastic audio/visual design, it’s well worth taking a moment to take in the wonder of Wanderment.

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  Spacebar – Jump (Controller Recommended)

Available On:  Windows, Mac & Browser

Gameplay Video:  Here

Download Or Play Wanderment Here

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