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WarClicks Game

WarClicks is a super addictive incremental clicker of two halves – one where you purchase and train units in Boot Camp and another when you venture out into the War Zone, clicking to blast anything in your sights.

WarClicks plays a lot like other incremental clickers, with you purchasing a steady stream of upgrades and clicking on things to make your points go up. The main difference this time is the way the gameplay is divided into two separate sides – Boot Camp and War Zone.

In Boot Camp you buy units, hire trainers and purchase upgrades – all of which makesd your ‘Power Points’ increase faster and faster. These Power Points can be converted at any time into BattleStars that can be used to purchase units that will increase your clicking power in the War Zone (you can only convert twice a day though so use them wisely).

The War Zone area bahaves more like a traditional incremental clicker, with you clicking on enemy units to destroy them, increasing your score and your BattleStars in the process. There’s a nice selection of bonuses and a steady stream of achievements as you click your way to victory. Later on you can also take part in team-based objectives based on the country you’re playing from as you help to propel your country and yourself up the global leaderboards.

The way WarClicks splits it’s gameplay into two modes only really gives the illusion of depth (at the end of the day you’re still just clicking a lot to make the numbers go up), but it’s a well polished ands addictive take on the genre that can really suck you in, and the global leaderboards and country-based objectives are a nice touch. A highly addictive slice of click based warfare.

Controls: Mouse – Point and Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play WarClicks Here

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