WarehousePANIC – Browser Game

WarehousePANIC is an addictive little browser based game that plays like a fusion of Tetris and Chime, with you placing blocks and competing with other players to get the highest score possible.

WarehousePANIC is played in online multiplayer matches with three participants. Each player gets a different style of block to lay (wood, building and water), then try to lay their blocks in such a way to maximize their point score. You can place as many blocks as you like and as fast as possible, but you earn more points if your structures join up to form large, solid blocks (as in Chime). You only have limited time and limited space, so the secret to success is to try and create as many large blocks of your own structures whilst occasionally dropping a block into the area your opponents are building on to disrupt their plans.

It’s a simple, but addictive little game that requires quick thinking and good block building skills to succeed. Well worth checking out for some multiplayer block based fun.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play WarehousePANIC Here

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