Warin.Space – Browser Game

warin space

Warin.Space is a fun Agar.io-esque massively multiplayer space combat game in which two teams of rival fleets collect scrap, upgrade their ships and do battle against each other.

Like Agari.io, Warin.Space is primarily controlled with the mouse (although Q, W, E and R are used to purchase buffs/upgrades), but while Agar.io is a solitary experience, Warin.Space is more of a team-based game, with each team attempting to blast the other into oblivion. You can blast enemies, collect scrap, use special abilities and upgrade your ship through a wide upgrade tree, tailoring your craft to your play-style.

There’s great strength in numbers in Warin.Space, so you’re best roaming with the pack if possible – a solitary ship against a fleet won’t last long, but unlike Agar.io you don’t lose your progress when you die so it’s not too big deal if your ship gets blown up. Much like Deip.io and Slither.io, Warin.Space offers a great new take on the Agar.io formula (which is fast becoming a genre of it’s own). Well worth checking out for some addictive massively multiplayer space-based combat.

Controls: Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Warin.Space Here

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