Waterbed – Browser Game

Waterbed is a short and powerful little narrative driven 2D experience that tells a tale of dealing with depression or you go for a moonlight swim in a forest lake.

In Waterbed you follow the story of a character who suffers from depression and is about to have a setback. While out with your fiends in the woods you wander off by yourself to a nearby lake where you decide to go for a swim. However, you haven’t felt great recently and it’s not long before some dark thoughts start to creep into your head…

Taking around six minutes to play through Waterbed delivers a remarkably powerful narrative during its short play time. The symbolism of the water (and fighting to stay above it) is very clever and its message really hits home. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Up Arrow – Read Dialogue

Available On: Windows and Browser

Download or Play Waterbed Here

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