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We Went Back is a P.T. inspired looping corridor horror game with a cool 70’s retro-futuristic setting, where you find yourself trapped in an abandoned space station with a monster.

In We Went Back you awake from cryosleep to find yourself alone on a donut-shaped space station. As you explore you find that you may not be quite as alone as you first thought and that there’s some weird sh*t going down. To escape you’ll have to search for clues and figure out the code for the exit terminal.

Due to the way one of the doors opens, you can only walk fully around the circular space station in an anticlockwise direction. Each time you go through the door though there will be slight (and not-so-slight) changes in the environment and a new clue will appear for you to snap with yoru retro Polaroid camera. You may not only be travelling in space though, you may also be travelling forwards and backwards in time, as the way the environment changes is not always in a chronological order.

The ending is a bit of a non-event and the game isn’t as scary as it could be, but other than that We Went Back is a very well crafted little Sci-Fi horror adventure. The retro-futuristic space station is highly detailed, looking very much like you’d expect a real space station to look like, and there are lots of great little touches that do a great deal of environmental storytelling. It builds a great sense of atmosphere and it’s a very tense (if not terrifying) experience.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Interaction, RMB – Zoom

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download We Went Back Here

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