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Welcome to H-ot-ell is a funny and inventive point and click puzzle adventure where your recently deceased detective attempts to solve cases in a hellish hotel.

In Welcome to H-ot-ell you take on the role of the spirit of a detective who has recently died and finds himself trapped in a hotel. This is no ordinary hotel though – each floor has a self-contained crime-based puzzle which you have to solve to move on and hopefully unravel the mystery surrounding your untimely demise. You’re accompanied throughout all this by a little devilish companion who gives you a little guidance now and again (or just makes wisecracks about your predicament!)

It’s a great little point and click puzzle adventure with high quality pixel art animation, inventive puzzle design and an intriguing story. The ending of Welcome to H-ot-ell feels a little abrupts, so hopefully there’s another installment planned. There are clues that you can spot in each case that give you a hint at what’s really going on, but it’d be interesting to see if your dead detective ever does manage to check out of this hellish hotel!

Controls: A/D – Movement, Mouse – Point & Click, Mouse Wheel – Switch Inventory Object

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Welcome to H-ot-ell Alpha Here

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