We’re Tethered Together – Downloadable Game

We’re Tethered Together is a spooky 2D puzzle platforming adventure where two little bunnies attempt to escape from an ancient crypt.

In We’re Tethered Together you follow the adventures of two bunnies who were cast into a deep dark crypt as a sacrifice. You control one bunny directly and the other is dragged behind you with a rope. You need to use stealth to avoid monsters and you can use the rope to swing the other bunny to out of reach areas to activate switches and great blocks. You can also disconnect the rope if you want to leave the other bunny somewhere for a while.

It’s a great little puzzle platforming adventure with beautiful character animation, stylish hand-drawn cutscenes, fun dual-character mechanics and clever puzzle design. It’s also pretty creepy, so it’s perfect for spooky season!

Controls: Mouse and Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download We’re Tethered Together Here

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