Wetware: Chapter One – Download Game

Wetware is a thought provoking narrative-driven adventure that explores the ethics of hacking a sentient AI drone to win a war.

Taking place in a future where advanced, sentient AI live amongst mankind, Wetware sees you taking on the role of a researcher who has been tasked with hacking into an enemy drone for information that could win the war that’s being waged between two factions of humans. Hacking the AI isn’t that hard and is done via a Breakout-esque minigame, but the ethics of what you are doing is another matter.

As you wrestle with the moral implications of hacking a sentient AI you can choose to do the job you were hired to do or use subterfuge to sabotage the facility you’re working in. If you do go down the sabotage route you’ll need to earn your colleagues trust and avoid being caught doing anything suspicious. Whether you decide to hack the drone, sabotage your place of work or just chat to your colleagues, you’ll need to make the most of your time, as it constantly advances and you only have a set amount of days to make your actions count.

The current build of Wetware features the first chapter in a planned series of four. It’s off to a very promising start with an inventive unstructured playstyle, an excellent stop-motion art style and some interesting subject matter that forces the player to make some tough moral choices. A unique and thought provoking adventure well worth hacking into.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Wetware Chapter One Here

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