What’s Inside The Box? – Browser Game

Whats inside the box game

What’s Inside The Box? is a very clever puzzle game in which you solve a selection of deviously designed puzzles that really require you to think outside the box!

The simplistic visuals of What’s Inside The Box? belie a very cleverly designed and inventive puzzler. Puzzle games live or die on the strength of their puzzles and What’s In The Box? nails them perfectly – not too easy, not too hard and packed with variety. There are no instructions, just a selection of tiles, switches and dials to experiment with as you work your way further into the box to discover what it holds. If you do get stuck there’s a hint system you can use, but you’ll be kicking yourself when you figure out the answer as it’s always right in front of you. An ingenious little puzzler that has you swinging between feeling like an idiot and a genius as you work your way through it’s many layers of puzzles.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser, iOS & Android

Play What’s Inside The Box? Here

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