Where I Live Now – Browser Game

Where I Live Now Game

Where I Live Now is a short and sweet fishing game in which you help a cute little frog catch objects in the water that he can use to make his home more comfortable.

Where I Live Now combines rhythm action, fishing and crafting as you attempt to catch useful objects at the bottom of the sea and combine them. You press the Spacebar to drop your line in the water, then move it like an arcade grabber machine until it’s positioned above an item that looks useful. You then hook the item and press a short sequence of rhythm action style commands with the Z and X keys to puull it to surface.

Most of the stuff that’s down there is junk, like discarded bottle tops and toothpicks, but once you collect a few items you can combine them in fun ways that make the rock you call your home a nicer place to stay. It’s a simple, chilled out and charming little game well worth checking out for some froggy fishing fun.

Controls: Spacebar – Action, Arrow Keys – Move, Z/X – QTE Sequences

Available On: All Browsers

Play Where I Live Now Here

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