Where in Space is Baby Hitler? – Browser Game

Where in Space is Baby Hitler? Is a funny and surprising little adventure that blends point and click puzzles, dungeon crawling and mini-games as you search for Baby Hitler on an alien planet.

A sequel to the much shorter Kill Baby Hitler game, Where in Space is Baby Hitler? is a fun little low rez adventure where you solve puzzles, explore and beat up aliens in your quest to find Baby Hitler (who you kidnapped in the first installment of the story). You are a time-traveller who was sent back in time to kill Baby Hitler. However, things didn’t go according to plan and you ended up kidnapping him and fleeing on a spaceship with an alien. You now wake up with a large memory blackout, sat in a prison cell on an alien planet. Time to escape and catch that pesky Baby Hitler!

The gameplay and sense of humor in Where in Space is Baby Hitler? is similar to the classic Sierra Space Quest games, especially as you can unexpectedly die in some very humorous ways. It features four unique endings and there’s a nice mixture of gameplay styles throughout its play-time. The low rez pixel art visuals work very well and it’s got a great sense of humor as you unravel the game’s bizarre plot.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser

Play Where in Space is Baby Hitler? Here

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