Where is 2019? – Download Game

Where is 2019? is a charming little hand drawn puzzle platforming adventure where Santa goes in search of 2019.

Where is 2019? is the sequel to last year’s Where is 2018? and sees you controling a cute little Santa Claus who needs to track down 2019 (he found 2018 in the last instalment). The gameplay is split between a short flying section and puzzle platforming sections in stylish hand drawn single-screen levels.

In the flying section you have to avoid hitting any objects as you fly through 2018. In the puzzle platforming section of the game you need to explore, avoid hazards and operate moving platforms (usually by puling levers of throwing snowballs at them).

The platforming’s not too tough and the puzzles are fairly easy to work out, but the artwork is excellent and it’s a fun little adventure that’s perfect for seeing the new year in. Have a happy 2019 (if you manage to find it!)

Controls: A/D – Movemnt, W/Spacebar – Jump, Q/E – Shoot, S – Interact

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Where is 2019? Here

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