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Where the goats are game download

Where The Goats Are is a Beautiful, slow paced narrative experience in which you play an old woman who tends her goats and tries to maintain her way of life while the world falls apart around her.

Taking place entirely within a single little remote croft, in Where The Goats Are you take on the role of Tikvah, a old woman who spends her days tending her chickens, collecting eggs, watering the plant, praying, milking the goats and making cheese. It’s a simple, but wholesome life, and once you get into a routine then it’s a very relaxing experience as you carry out your chores each day.

Your only contact with the outside world is a delivery man who drops by most days, he gives you your mail and will also trade you hay and goats for the cheese that you make. The letters that he drops off help to convey the narrative of the experience, with the people that write to you telling tales of woe as the world around you is destroyed by an unknown pestilence.

Warning, Spoilers Ahead! You’re safe for now in your remote little croft, but as the game progresses, more and more is taken away from you until you only have one possible action left – prayer. Indeed, the whole game feels like an allegory for a cancer-like disease as it ravages the body, slowly taking more and more away until the inevitable end.

Taking around an hour to complete, Where The Goats Are is a beautiful and thought provoking little game that tells a complex tale through the simple life of Tikvah. A chilled out and contemplative experience that we highly recommend checking out.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Full Playthrough: Here

Note: Click on Tikvah then click on the Letter icon above her head to read the letters she’s sent

Download Where The Goats Are Here

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