Which Pokemon Is It? – Browser Game

Which Pokemon is it game

Which Pokemon is it? is an addictive browser game in which you attempt to match Pokemon images to the names – which can be harder than you think as there are a LOT of Pokemon!.

The gameplay is simple in Which Pokemon is it?, you’re given a picture of a Pokemon and a choice of three names. Guess the correct name and you’ll add one to your score and move on to the next Pokemon, get it wrong and it’s game over.

There’s a good chance Pokemon experts will get all of them correct (although there are some tricky ones), but it’s casual Pokemon players that have dabbled with Pokemon games or have been caught up in the Pokemon GO phenomenon that may have the most fun – as it’s great fun attempting to guess the name purely by the picture (as the names are often have connotations of what the Pokemon will look like). Can you tell a Bulbasaur from a Snorlax? Only one way to find out!

Controls: mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Which Pokemon Is It? Here

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