Whiplash Taxi – Browser Game

Whiplash Taxi is a charming little 3D Crazy Taxi style driving game created in the 8-bit PICO-8 game engine!

In Whiplash Taxi you work for a Crazy Taxi style taxi company whose motto is “The slower you’re there, the lower the fare!”. This basically means you need to race around the game’s open world city at breakneck speeds as you pick up and drop off passengers.

It’s obviously not quite on a par with Crazy Taxi, but considering the 8-bit graphical power of the PICO-8 engine, Whiplash Taxi is a bit of a marvel. The controls are responsive, there’s a nice sense of speed and there’s a whole city to drive around. And if you fancy taking a break from taxi driving, there are street race and free ride modes too. It’s definitely worth jumping in for a spin.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z/X – Action

Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser

Play or Download Whiplash Taxi Here

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