Whiskers – Downloadable Game


Whiskers is a surprisingly dark and disturbing point and click horror game with a tense atmosphere and real jump scares as you solve puzzles and attempt to escape capture by Mr. Whiskers – a mentally disturbed lunatic with a penchant for fluffy animals.

With a few exceptions (Dark Seed, Gabriet Knight, Tormentium), point and click adventures are usually humorous and family friendly romps.  Not so with Whiskers, although it’s charming cartoony visual style may suggest otherwise, this is well and truly a horror game, complete with a dread-filled atmosphere, disturbing imagery, blood, guts, brain matter and the occasional jump scare.

As well as being surprisingly terrifying, Whiskers is also surprisingly well made, featuring some deviously clever puzzle design and beautiful (if a little bloodstained) hand drawn artwork.  As you explore more and more of the dark recesses of Whiskers, it continually impresses with it’s innovative gameplay and clever design.

It’s a tense and terrifying adventure that breathes a breath of life into the point & click genre – then stabs it to death with a rusty knife!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  Windows only

Download Whiskers Here

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