WHISKEY ST2007S – Downloadable Game

WHISKEY.ST2007S is a wonderfully weird trolley dashing 3D platformer where you travel to an alternate dimension and attempt to fill your trolley with as many Whiskey Stones as possible.

In WHISKEY.ST2007S it’s not long until Christmas and you need to get all of your relatives presents. You’ve decided to get them Whiskey Stones, lots of them, and to do so you travel to an alternate dimension that’s essentially a supermarket transformed into a crazy obstacle course.

You now have a limited time to collect as many Whiskey Stones as possible so you’ll need to learn optimal routes and avoid falling off too often. It’s a very large place that’s packed full of different viable routes to try out so there’s plenty of replayability and getting a good ranking can be tough! Your family’s definitely going to hav plenty of Whiskey Stones though!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Space Select/Start

Available On: Windows & Linux

Download WHISKEY.ST2007S Here

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