Wholesome Cats – Browser Game

Wholesome Cats is an adorable feline RPG adventure that sees you collecting and assembling a band of brave little kitties as you explore a mysterious island full of cats to play fight with!

In Wholesome Cats you find yourself on an island populated entirely by cats. It’s a charming place and the cats are (mostly) very friendly, though they really enjoy play-fighting and won’t let you pass until you beat them. As you explore it soon turns out that all is not right on the island – there used to be three types of cat living on the island – Life Cats, Manmade Cats and Earth Cats. They all lived in harmony, but the Manmade Cats got greedy for power and drove the Life Cats from the island. Can you find the Life Cats and bring harmony back to the island?

There are over 50 different cats to discover as you roam the island, from traditional breeds like Scottish Folds and Tabbys to more outlandish ones like Cloud Cats, Robo Cats and Bread Face Cats. You can recruit cats to your team by purchasing them from the shop (or occasionally as a reward for winning a battle) and you can upgrade them by giving them fish. The cats all have their own unique stats and have different special moves and attack styles. It’s worth noting that some cats use melee attacks and some use ranged attacks so you’re best off arranging them with the ranged units at the back or they’ll just get in the way.

Exploring the cat-filled island of Wholesome Cats is a delight. It’s a great little RPG adventure, with charming visuals, easily accessible gameplay and loads of adorable little cats to fight and collect. Purrrfect for a bit of turn based feline fun.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers, iOS & Android

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Wholesome Cats Here

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