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Wild Wood is a fun little speed running parkour game where you attempt to reach 10 checkpoints as fast as possible in a scenic open world woodland area.

In Wild Wood you find yourself in a large open world what is split up into three differently themed areas. Around the world there are lots of orienteering checkpoints for you to collect. You don’t need to collect all of them – you just need to collect 10 of them then run back to the start point. The trick is to figure out the fastest route to do this and you have some nifty style parkour skills (wallrunning, sliding, climbing, etc) to help you do this.

A speedrunning game like this really needs some form of online leaderboard (which it doesn’t at the moment), but it’s still a lot of fun trying to beat your own best times. The first person parkour gameplay feels great and being able to figure out your own route through the idyllic open world woodland is a nice touch. It’s like a much more chilled out and scenic version of Mirror’s Edge, which is no bad thing.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, Spacebar – Jump, Ctrl – Crouch/Slide

Available On: Windows

Download Wild Wood Here

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