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Wilds.io is a highly addictive Agar.io-esque massively multiplayer online fighting game that pits teams of dwarfs against each other in brutal, hack and slash skill-based combat.

While the basic online framework is similar to Agar.io, the actual gameplay is VERY different in Wilds.io, with the combat feeling a lot like a hack and slash dungeon crawling RPG (or even a MOBA). Characters are equipped with a large amount of attacks and skills, with players able to dash, jump, attack, kick, roll/dodge and unleash powerful shockwave and whirlwind attacks. You can also pick up throwing knives, mines, health potions and boost potions to aid your battle.

The characters grow in size a little depending on their rank, but it doesn’t seem to give much of an advantage in battle. So while there is still quite a bit of Agar.io-esque massively multiplayer chaos, the team-based gameplay, detailed move-sets and consumables turn Wilds.io into more of a competitive, skill based experience.

Visually Wilds.io is also very impressive, with characters, environments, goblins and huge ogres all created with high quality pixel art visuals. It’s still quite early in development, but Wilds.io already impresses with just how far it manages to push browser based massively multiplayer combat.  We can’t wait to see what other features the devs add in the future (they’re already planning on adding Shaman, Mage and Archer classes). Massively multiplayer hack and slash fun.

Controls: Hover mouse over ‘HELP’ in top left corner of screen for full move-list (it’s quite extensive)

Available On: All Browsers

Gameplay Video:  Here

Play Wilds.io Here

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