Windows 1.11 Stranger Things Edition – Download Game

To celebrate the release of the latest season of Stranger Things Microsoft have released a special version of their 1985 Windows 1.11 software which is full of Stranger Things content and games.

More of a game than an actual fully functional Windows 1.11 desktop. this Stranger Things themed edition of Microsoft’s first Windows release is plagued by a mysterious corruption. While digging into what’s causing the corruption you’ll uncover lots of files related to Stranger Things season 3 and complete a variety of retro styled games, ranging from a rudimentary ASCII dungeon crawler to an arcade shooter.

The video clips feel a little out of place (and contain spoilers for the TV show) but other than that it’s a great little experience that makes clever use of ite faux Windows 1.11 desktop. The games are all fun, but it’s probably the various document files that are most enjoyable – particularly Dustin’s adorable love letter to his girlfriend!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Windows 1.11 Stranger Things Edition Here

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