Wings Over Water – Browser Game

Wings over water

Wings Over Water is a beautiful and relaxing blend of snake and vertically scrolling bullet hell in which you attempt to add as many blue birds to your flock, whilst avoiding enemy birds, swans and airplanes.

Controlled entirely with the mouse, in Wings Over Water you fly over other small blue birds to add them to your flock. The more birds you acquire the more points you accrue, but each time your trail of birds gets longer it can be harder to weave between enemy birds and other hazards. You can collect bonuses to aid you, and have the ability to instantly teleport all the trailing birds to your location, but this uses up energy so has to be used sparingly.

Wings Over Water’s audio and visual design is excellent, adding a beautiful and tranquil element on top of the game’s addictive and challenging gameplay. A great little game that’s well worth taking for a test flight.

Controls: Mouse – Movement, LMB – Gather Birds

Available On: All Browsers

Play Wings Over Water Here

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