Winter Falling – Browser Game

Winter Falling is a fun little Game of Thrones themed browser based strategy game that allows you to see if you are a better battle commander than Jon Snow, as you place and command units in the Battle of Winterfell.

Opinion was divided about the last season, but one thing that most people agreed on was that Jon Snow’s battle plan for the Battle of Winterfell was severely lacking. Or was it? Winter Falling lets you find out as you place defenses and units, then command them in battle against the forces of the Night King.

Before the battle you have a lot of decisions to make – will you build trenches or rest the troops? Will you get the defenseless to hide in the crypt or fight alongside you? Where will you place your siege catapults? You’re severely outnumbered and the Night King can raise the dead so all of your decisions can make a large impact.

Once the battle starts you have a selection of limited actions you can use, such as commanding your cavalry to charge or setting fire to the trenches. As you eliminte certain enemy units you also unlock some more powerful abilities too – such as being able to heal units, blasting the enemy with dragonfire or using “plot armor” to protect your heroes. Defeat the Night King and you’ll go on to an even tougher battle where the odds are even more stacked against you.

It’s a simple, but addictive and fun little game that gives players a chance to see how they’d of fared in the Battle of Winterfell. Maybe Jon’s strategy wasn’t as bad as you first thought – you may have scoffed at the Dothraki charging into the darkness, but it turns out that’s a very good tactic for drawing the Night King out!

Controls: Mouse- Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Winter Falling Here

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