Wish Fishing – Downloadable Game

Wish Fishing

Wish Fishing is a beautiful contemplative experience in which you write out your most sought after questions and wishes then cast them into the sea, where they will stay along with the wishes of everyone else who’s played it.

These questions can be whatever you like, just type and press ‘return’ to cast into the ocean.  You do get an answer of sorts – a cryptic message made of strange symbols that you may or may not be able to take any meaning from.  It’s more about sending your deepest wishes and unanswered questions out into the universe though.  So that they’re out there next to everyone else’s wishes, much like a wishing well.  It’s a wonderfully contemplative fishing well, full of hopes, dreams and unanswered questions.

Controls:  Keyboard – Type Your Questions

Available On:  Win, Mac & Linux

Download Wish Fishing Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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