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Witch: A Special Delivery is a charming little action platformer metroidvania that sees you helping a cute little witch who has to take on three monster lords to obtain ingredients for her spell.

In Witch: A Special Delivery you control an adorable little witch who needs to find three eyes of newt for a spell she’s working on. Unfortunately there seems to be a severe shortage of newts in this land and the only eyes of newt around are being used by the three monster lords that you’ll have to defeat.

Taking around half an hour to complete, it’s a delight exploring the vibrant game world of Witch: A Special Delivery. You’ll meet lots of quirky characters, each of which has a mini-quest that they’d like carried out (often just collecting something for them) and in return they’ll give you an item that will unlock a new skill that allows you to explore more of the game world. In a nice touch, all of the items you collect trail behind you in your wake, as a nice reminder of all the cool stuff you’ve collected.

It’s a fairly stress free and chilled out take on the metroidvania genre – there are enemies and bosses, but they’re not too hard to beat, it’s more about the joy of exploration and discovering secrets. A charming and cheerful witchy adventure that’s guaranteed to make you smile.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z,X,C,Spacebar – Special Abilities (As You Unlock Them)

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Witch: A Special Delivery Here

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