Witch Guts – Downloadable Game

Witch Guts

Witch Guts is a fun single screen arcade action game in which you smash bugs with a baseball bat.

Featuring charming pixel art animation and great chiptune audio, you play a little girl who must take out hordes of bugs with a baseball bat.  You have two options when attacking – simply hit them twice and they’ll die, or hit them into the air then launch them across the level.  This second option is far more satisfying, partly because it looks cool and partly because it’ll squash any bugs that it touches.

Each time you smash a certain amount of the large spiders, you’ll unlock new clothing and accessories for your character – it’s probably good to have a change of clothes anyway with all that bug blood splattering everywhere!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Swing Bat

Availabel On:  Windows Only

Download Witch Guts Here

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