Witch Trials – Browser Game

Witch Trials is a stylish retro arcade action platformer where you attempt to climb up a monster filled tower to save your lover.

In Witch Trials you take on the role of a witch whose beloved has been locked up and scheduled for execution when the moon rises. To save her you must climb to the top of a deadly tower that’s filled with traps and monsters.

The retro action platforming gameplay in Witch Trials is a little like Ice Climbers and Rainbow Islands, with you climbing up through the tower and battling monsters as you go. You can collect coins from killed enemies that allow you to purchase upgrades from the shop at the end of each level. You have to be quick though – a deadly column of lava chases you up the tower, take too long and you’ll be toast!

It’s a simple and addictive little platformer with a great visual style and some good old fashioned arcade gameplay. The tower will take some beating as things get tough pretty quickly, but it keeps you coming back for one more go as you attempt to save your witchy lover.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Shoot

Available On: All Browsers

Play Witch Trials Here

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