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Withered is a dark and disturbing psychological horror game that sees you trying to discover the truth behind the big freaky eye that’s manifested on a book and the dark secrets it knows about you.

In Withered you find yourself sat in a room, with a blinking eye staring at you from the cover of a book. You have no idea what it is, how it got there or even who you are, but it needs you to feed it and says it will give you answers in return…

There are four endings in Withered, each one more dark and disturbing than the last, with it taking around 40 minutes to play through and see them all. The monstrous blinking eye on the book is terrifying, but the really horrifying things in the game are the things humans are capable of and the memories you’ve locked away in your subconscious. Highly recommended, but approach with caution.

Controls: Mouse – Point and Click

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here (All Four Endings)

Trigger Warning: This game contains scenes of gore, suicide, abuse and strong language.

Download Withered Here

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