WIZ – Browser Game

WIZ is a cleverly crafted game that blends Sokoban style block sliding and puzzle platforming as you attempt to guide a little bearded wizard to the exit of each level.

In WIZ you control a little wizard with the WASD or Arrow Keys and attempt to guide him to the exit of each level. Your little wizard can’t jump but you can use the mouse to drag various structures around the level. You have to be careful though – once moving the objects won’t stop until they hit something solid, even if your squishy little wizard is standing in the way!

WIZ is a case of a simple concept being remarkably well executed. The pixel art animation is excellent and the levels are packed full of creative puzzle design that will really test your spatial reasoning skills. A delightful little browser based puzzler well worth checking out.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Click & Drag to Move Platforms

Available On: Windows

Play WIZ Here

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