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Wonky Wocket game

Wonky Wocket is a super tough and super addictive vector-based arcade rocket flying game in which you attempt to manoeuvre your rocket and fly it as high as possible with just one button.

Your rocket (or wocket) is capable of soaring to epic heights in the air, but there’s an issue with your controls: you can only fire one thruster at a time and you have no control of which one fires! You can fire your thruster for as long as you like by pressing the spacebar, but as soon as you release the spacebar the next thruster is activated – so when you press the spacebar again it’s that thruster that fires. These thrusters cycle in a pattern (middle, right, middle, left, etc), so you can plan your movements a little (once you’ve got to grips with the odd control scheme) – but there ar lots of obstacles to manoeuvre around on your way up to the heavens and a coveted spot on the high score table!

Wonky Wocket impresses with it’s stylish vector based visuals, wonderfully awkward control scheme and addictive ‘one more go’ gameplay. Will you master the controls of this widculously wonky wocket?

Controls: Spacebar – Fire Thruster

Available On: Windows, WinPhone, iOS & Android

Download Wonky Wocket Here

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