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won’t you come knocking is a tense and atmospheric little pixel art horror game where an unspeakable evil (and a sardine munching weirdo) lurk within a labyrinthine tunnel system, deep underground.

In won’t you come knocking you take control of a mysterious cloaked character who finds themselves trapped in an old cave system following a cave-in. It’s no coincidence you’re down there though – your books spoke of a door, deep beneath the ground a door. A door to something terrible. It also looks like you’re not the first one who’s been down there – a crazed hermit dug the tunnels and he’s been kind enough to etch his story into sign-posts that you find along the way.

Taking around 25 minutes to play through, won’t you come knocking manages to squeeze a surprising amount of atmosphere and tension from its simple pixel art visuals. There’s a real feeling of claustrophobia and otherworldly terror as you explore the tunnels. As you delve deeper into the tunnels things really start to get weird and the game manages to throw up some interesting twists (as well as a little humor) along the way. A spelunking horror adventure well worth delving into.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Enter – Interact

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Won’t You Come Knocking Here

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