Word Surge – Browser Game

Word Surge is an addictive little browser based word search puzzler where you attempt to identify hidden words that are related to the shape that they form.

In each level of Word Surge you’re presented with the outline of a familiar shape which is filled with a selection of letters. These letters spell out specific words that relate to the object and you connect them by clicking and dragging your mouse pointer to nearby letters (either adjacent of diagonal). So for instance the you may be presented with a hashtag symbol and the words you need to find and select are “Social”, “Hash” and “Symbol”. You do sometimes need to be careful in which order you select the words though as it may cause letters to move and no longer be accessible for you to form more words.

It’s an addictive little game with a great minimalist aesthetic and a fun twist on traditional word search puzzle gameplay. A slick little word search puzzler well worth searching out.

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On: All Browsers

Play Word Surge Here

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