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World Heroes Supreme Justice Extra is an awesome old school arcade brawler that combines Final Fight-style side scrolling beat ‘em up action with the character roster and movesets of the World Heroes fighting game!

If there’s one criticism that can continually be thrown at beat ‘em ups, it’s that they have a pretty shallow combat system. World Heroes Supreme Justice Extra addresses this issue and then some, by giving you a roster of 11 playable characters taken from the World Heroes Neo-Geo fighting games, complete with their movesets – so you can pull off a wide variety of special moves by performing Street Fighter-style button combinations like “Down, Forward, Punch”.

Much like in the original World Heroes games there are a few character designs and moves that feel like they’re copying Street Fighter, but that’s not really a bad thing and there are some standout characters such as Captain Kidd who uses sharks as projectiles. Another thing that makes World Heroes Supreme Justice Extra so much fun is that it moves along at a great pace, with short levels that take you all around the world.

It takes around half an hour to complete World Heroes Supreme Justice Extra and it’s a delight from start to finish, thanks to the varied character roster, well crafted levels, exciting combat and boss fights that are reasonably fair (a rarity in old school beat ‘em ups). A retro arcade beat ‘em up with combat far superior to those that graces the arcades in the 90’s.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, D – Jump, S – Kick, A – Punk, Alt + Return – Full Screen Toggle

Available On: Windows

Note: A full lift of character moves can be found in the ‘How to Play’ section of the menu.

Gameplay Video: Here

Download World Heroes Supreme Justice Extra Here

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