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World Of Soccer

World of Soccer Online is an impressive 11 v 11 multiplayer online football game in which every character on the pitch is controlled by a different player and real teamwork is the key to success.

Unlike most football games, World of Soccer Online players control a single character throughout the whole match, making for a unique team-based sporting experience.  Players must attempt to work in unison, defending, finding space and passing, rather than all just charging at the ball.

Considering how tricky it should be to play an 11 v 11 football match, World of Soccer Online makes it a surprisingly accessible experience.  This is thanks mainly to the Sensible Soccer-esque top-down view and the simplistic control style, but the player-base also seems pretty competent.  There are no stats or pre-defined positions for your characters, but players generally tend to gravitate to certain positions, (hopefully) working cohesively as a team.

World of Soccer Online’s easily accessible gameplay and 11 vs 11 online gameplay makes for a fun multiplayer sporting experience.  Just remember there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’!

Controls:  Mouse and Keyboard or Controller

Available On:  Windows Only

Download World of Soccer Online Here

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