World’s End: Chapter 1 & 2 – Browser Game

Worlds End Game

World’s End is a series of games that offer easily accessible turn based strategy, charming visuals and a wicked sense of humor.

Your first adventure see’s you setting out to sell some tobacco-like substance to some ruffians, as the morally inept father figure of the group has spent all the grocery money on drugs.  As you set out on your quest to sell your tobacco, you’ll take part in tactical turn based battles with a variety of enemies, level up, learn new skills and generally have a blast.  For such an easily accessible game, the combat in World’s End is surprisingly deep, with a great selection of skills, equipment and special attacks, as well as the ability to use the terrain to your advantage.

It’s an excellent game and thankfully your progress is saved between the chapters.  Hopefully the devs continue to release more episodes as we really can’t get enough of this wonderfully wicked tactical RPG.

Controls:  Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

Play World’s End: Chapter 1 Here and Chapter 2 Here

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