Worm Dungeon – Browser Game

Worm Dungeon is a simple looking but very cleverly crafted dungeon crawling puzzle game that requires keen observation and problem solving skills as you solve its deviously designed puzzles.

Created by the very talented Daniel Linssen (HopSlide, Twitter Island), in Worm Dungeon you control an intrepid adventurer who has found themselves at the bottom(ish) of a strange dungeon that’s filled with pitfalls and quirky characters to interact with. As you try and make your way up each level there are lots of hidden holes that will make you drop down to the previous level (or even further). You need to find a way of avoiding these holes, which you can sometimes do using trial and error, but more often than not it requires real problem solving and paying careful attention to your environment.

Worm Dungeon may not look like much with its simple, but stylish Bitsy powered pixel art visuals, but the further you delve into it the more impressive the game is. The variety and inventiveness of the puzzle design is excellent, allowing for lots of Eureka moments as you discover the many secrets the dungeon is hiding. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: All Browsers

Full Playthrough Video: Here

Play Worm Dungeon Here

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