Wormageddon – Browser Game

Wormageddon is a fun little game that puts you in a boss fight that you can never win, as you try to hold off a world-eating serpent from devouring your world.

Created for Ludum Dare 50, in Wormageddon your demise is inevitable, but you can at least try and stave off the doom of your planet for as long as possible. You are tasked with fighting a huge serpent and distracting it from eating your tasty planet. If it’s busy fighting you then it’s not eating your planet!

The gameplay in Wormageddon takes place in revolving battlefields with the serpent in the center. You have no weapons or attacks, but you can dodge-roll, jump and block with your shield. You need to learn the worm’s attacks and figure out the timing and the moves you need to avoid them. If you survive long enough you’ll make it to the next level and be able to purchase some upgrades from the shop along the way.

The shop is a little broken as the prices don’t match up to what you pay for the items a lot of the time (and some of the items are pretty useless). Other than that though it’s an excellent little game. The pixel art visuals and the revolving battlefield look fantastic, the music is great and there’s a nice variety of different worm attacks to learn and avoid. See how long you can stave off the end of the world!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, S – Block, Shift – Roll, F – Interact, Spacebar – Jump

Available On: Browser

Play Wormageddon Here

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