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Wrestling With Emtions

Wrestling With Emotions is a very silly and very funny wrestling speed dating sim in which you customize your wrestler then attempt to find their perfect match from a group of very odd, oiled up, musclebound monstrosities!

Created by Team Lazerbeam (creators of the excellent Snow Cones), Wrestling With Emotions sends you on a wonderfully animated, very silly and rather homoerotic quest to find the perfect wrestling match. You play a wrestler who has just moved to the area, so nobody knows you and you can be whoever you want to be, so you set out to create your persona from a choice of 400 ridiculous customization combinations (we went for ‘Dr Mystery Meowing Bro’).  Once your wrestler is created then the real fun begins, as you set out on a speed dating event with 8 very different sweaty wrestling studs! Each of these wrestlers is charmingly drawn in all their jacked-up, grotesque glory – from a musclebound luchador to a Toxic Avenger-esque big green mutant.

The speed dating gives you a short amount of time with each wrestler, with you asking and answering questions so that you can get the measure of each other.  These conversations offer up a wonderfully bizarre mix of wrestling talk, insults and innuendo – so when asked ‘what would you do if I had your head between my legs?’ you might reply with ‘find something good to bite’!  After each conversation, you can then mark your thoughts on a card then move on to the next wrestler. There are no right or wrong answers during the conversations (just choose the conversation options you like and see how they play out), but you are attempting to find the perfect match, so it’s best not to piss ALL of them off!

The ridiculous premise, cheesy rock soundtrack, fabulous hand drawn visuals and genuinely funny dialogue makes Wrestling With Emotions a must play. The greatest wrestling game of all time? Possibly – it certainly the silliest!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video:  Here

Download Wrestling With Emotions Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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