Writer’s Block – Browser Game

Writers Block

Writer’s Block is a funny and very stylish little adventure in which you play a poet who attempts to find inspiration in some very odd places.

You’re a creative spirit who’s suffering from a bad case of writer’s block. After attempting to find inspiration through a small selection of dubious websites, you come across writersblock.com (not the real writersblock.com which is also worth checking out for a laugh), hosted by a mystical guru who claims to be able to solve your problem. What follows is a short, surreal and surprising little adventure that’s well worth checking out.

Sure, it’s not going to be easy to solve your writer’s block problem, but even if your quest is a failure there’s bound to be something easier that people with no creative skills can do….

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available on: All Browsers

Note: The falling down section can be a little tricky, however there is a sweet spot you can stay in between the lanes that the bee and the ball.

Warning: Contains Adult Content

Play Writer’s Block Here

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