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WRONGED is a creepy and surreal low poly first person horror game where you use household objects and a monster baby to perform an occult ritual and escape from the claustrophobic nightmare you’re trapped in.

In WRONGED you find yourself in the basement of a dark and oppressive house, with a freaky monster baby on the floor. As you explore you find notes scribbled on pages torn from a book, giving you instructions of what to do, such as “Clean Him” or “Feed Him”. You can attempt to follow these instructions if you want or you can try to find a way to escape the nightmare you’re trapped in by paying attention to the text in the various book pages you find.

Taking around 15 minutes to play through (depending on which ending you get), WRONGED manages to squeeze a surprising amount of dread and horror from its simple low poly visuals. It stays clear of jump scares and the way you piece together what’s really going on from the various book pages you find is clever. A short, stylish and sinister little horror game well worth checking out.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Interact, RMB – Examine, Mouse Wheel – Change Item

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download WRONGED Here

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