X-COM: UFO Defense Online – Browser Game

X-COM: UFO Defense Online is a browser based version of the original X-COM game, allowing you to manage your task force and battle aliens in the 24 year old classic tactical turn based strategy game.

This browser based version of Julian Gollop’s 1994 classic, allows you to fight the alien menace from the comfort of your browser. You’ll have to intercept alien ships, manage your resources, equip fighter aircraft, research new equipment and kit out your personal with equipment in the Geoscape map, then switch to the isometric battlescapes to explore crash sites and fight the alien menace in tactical turn based combat.

It’s worth noting that X-COM: UFO Defense Online is probably best to only be played if you played the original and are familiar with its mechanics, as games were a little less accessible back in 1994 and game manuals were the tutorial. The newer X-COM games are much more welcoming to newcomers, but it’s X-COM: UFO Defense Online is certainly worth checking out for nostalgia value.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play X-COM: UFO Defense Online Here

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